About Us

At chetan Agro, it is our endeavour to ensure a supply of fresh vegetables and fruits right from the farm to the retailer, and also reduce the involvement of the middlemen who not only make the buy more expensive, but also increase the harvest to Retail(H2R) timeline. We have collaborated directly with the farmers and are working hard to provide good quality stuff direct to the retailer ecosystem.

While there are a good number of online/offline vegetable & fruit providers who deliver to the retailers, what puts us ahead of all of them is that we strive to provide you the freshest harvest at the best price possible since we directly deal with the farmers and are working to create a system wherein the price benefit can be shared both, by the retailers as well as the farmers. It is our objective to make sure that we do not restrict ourselves to be only a profit-making enterprise and rather work in tandem with other stakeholders (read farmers and retailers) to make it a profitable venture for all of us.

We want to help small retailers grow their businesses by providing them our offerings at unmatchable quality and cost.

We bring season’s best mix of vegetables and fruits by partnering with the local farmers. Sabzeefy provides online delivery of various vegetables & fruits as we work directly with farms to get to you fresh produce which is unparalleled in terms of quality, taste and cost. From your all-time favourite veggies to the unique seasonal offerings, we offer several options and make it easy to for our customers to make their offerings attractive to the end customers. And with real testimonials and customer reviews, you will always know what’s in season and at the peak of freshness!

A mission to deliver unquestionable quality, convenience & business value to our retailers and a vision to establish a seamless retailer’s ecosystem, Sabzeefy is committed to bring about a revolutionary shift in the way fresh fruits and vegetables are supplied to the retailers.